Thursday, April 17, 2014

Final Exam

1- Hume argues for the impossibility of equality. Do you think his argument is successful? And do we need strict equality? (all or nothing predicament)

2- Contrast Hayek & Rawls ideas of economic distribution. Which one you prefer? Think of the best possible option or balance of options.

3- Do you agree with Isaiah Berlin on the danger of national sentiment?

4- After McIntyre's reading Is patriotism a virtue or a vice?

5- Compare T. S. Eliot and Michael Oakeshott ideas of conservatism?

6- What is the idea of community defended by Taylor and McIntyre? Does Communitarianism and Liberalism have an intersection point?

7- What to make of Michel Foucault's all-pervasive idea of power?

8- Regarding the idea of progress, do you side with Rousseau's pessimism? If not why?

9- Is the Marxist idea of communism still relevant? Could it be revised following the Chinese model?

10- Do you buy Max Weber's idea of disenchantment?

This is to be handed on the day of the Final. As we've done before. Stapled, please.  


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