Saturday, April 19, 2014

thomas piketty

here is one french economist a bit on the left of rawls:
Such statements, along with Mr. Piketty’s proposal for a progressive wealth tax and income tax rates up to 80 percent, have aroused strong interest among those eager to recapture the momentum of the Occupy movement. The Nation ran a nearly 10,000-word cover article placing his book within a rising tide of neo-Marxist thought, while National Review Online dismissed it as confirmation of the left’s “dearest ‘Das Kapital’ fantasies.”

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Final Exam

1- Hume argues for the impossibility of equality. Do you think his argument is successful? And do we need strict equality? (all or nothing predicament)

2- Contrast Hayek & Rawls ideas of economic distribution. Which one you prefer? Think of the best possible option or balance of options.

3- Do you agree with Isaiah Berlin on the danger of national sentiment?

4- After McIntyre's reading Is patriotism a virtue or a vice?

5- Compare T. S. Eliot and Michael Oakeshott ideas of conservatism?

6- What is the idea of community defended by Taylor and McIntyre? Does Communitarianism and Liberalism have an intersection point?

7- What to make of Michel Foucault's all-pervasive idea of power?

8- Regarding the idea of progress, do you side with Rousseau's pessimism? If not why?

9- Is the Marxist idea of communism still relevant? Could it be revised following the Chinese model?

10- Do you buy Max Weber's idea of disenchantment?

This is to be handed on the day of the Final. As we've done before. Stapled, please.  


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Onora O'Neill

"Lifeboat Earth" by Onora O'Neill is a tour de force, a detailed & nuanced argument for our responsibility on this out only lifeboat. I just wanted to share with you a bit about Baroness O'Neill. This is a heavy duty female philosopher. I'm glad we read her essay.