Saturday, March 22, 2014

Exam #2 on Economic Justice (7 questions)

1- Compare Locke, Rousseau & Hegel's ideas of private property.
2- What is the true foundation of property according to Marx? Explain.
3- Do you agree with Freud that in "abolishing private property we deprive the human love of aggression of one of its instruments, but certainly not the strongest?" Explain either way.
4- Regarding market dynamics, contrast the views of Hayek & Friedman with that of Marx and Cohen.
5- What does Hayek mean by market systems as a "game?"
6- What does Marx mean by stating that money "appears as an inverting power"?
7- What's the lesson to be learned from the Rawls/Nozick dispute regarding economic distribution? Inform your answer with some of the ideas of equality & freedom analyzed in class.

Let's have this test ready for Tuesday, April 1. 
The test is to be handed exactly as the previous one.

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